Photo by Will S.
Photo by Will S.
Photo by Will S.

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Aerial Photos of Sydenham Lake

From Fall 2012 and Winter 2013 .


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Lake Association Update – February 2013
Posted on February 6, 2013:

Hi Folks,

Over the past month a couple of things have been brought to my attention that I would like to share with the membership. As always if you have any questions/comments I encourage you to contact us at

See you on this ice…

Jeff Peck

This past weekend the SLA installed signs on the western railway bridge. The intent of these signs are two-fold:

–       SLA branding

–       Give boaters a point of reference of water depth throughout the year.

I would like to thank John Sinclair for organizing, and Brian Silver and Dave Foulds for helping with the installation. You will notice 2 year old Luke Peck also lent a hand. We  brought him in the event the ice was too thin to support the men.


As many of you are aware the SLA took aerial photos of the lake last fall. The results were remarkable, and will be available to the membership this spring leading up to the AGM. We are so certain that you will be impressed, that we have ordered for a “winter” fly-by as well so the membership can also select winter aerial photos. The exact date will depend upon snow cover and flying conditions, but we hope to get up in the next week.

I was recently contacted by Mike Howe from the Friends of the Point Committee. This Committee is responsible for much of the good work that goes on at the point, including the annual Canada Day festivities. There was some discussion that it may have been cancelled this year due to lack of volunteers but thankfully the Lions Club stepped up to the plate. However, they are still looking for additional volunteers. If interested please email Mike Howe at:

Recently I was contacted by the executor of the Patricia Varette Estate. This estate currently owns a 10 acre island on Sydenham Lake that has been referred to as Kennedy or Varrette Island. I have attached a picture of the island below (it is the only island not highlighted in yellow). It is to the north-west of Glenlor lodge. The executor would prefer to see the land sold to someone who has a connection to the lake (either a current owner, or a friend of an owner on Sydenham Lake).

The SLA agreed to advertise the island to our membership for a couple of months to give our membership first crack at the property, prior to it being listed with a realtor.  The asking price is $140k.  If you are interested please contact I can put you in touch with the executor.  

Please note that the SLA is simply advertising the property and facilitating contact with the seller.



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