Sydenham Lake Stewardship Plan

In July 2015 a proposal to develop a plan was formally approved by the Sydenham Lake Association (SLA) at the Annual General Meeting. A Steering Committee was established, with membership from the SLA, South Frontenac Township, and the Cataraqui Conservation Authority.

Development of the Sydenham Lake Plan began in 2015, with the hiring of French Planning Services to assist in facilitation and writing of the plan. 

The Sydenham Lake Stewardship Plan was prepared through the collective effort of a dedicated team of community volunteers, township and county representatives, the Cataraqui Region Conservation Authority, provincial agencies and French Planning Services Inc.

The purpose of the Lake Stewardship Plan is to identify and protect the significant social, natural and physical features that make the lake and its surrounding area a healthy natural environment and a desirable place for people to live and visit. The Sydenham Lake Association commits to investing leadership in helping to achieve these goals. This will be an ongoing effort that will include an annual assessment to measure progress which will be made available to all stakeholders of the Plan.

Sydenham Lake Fact Sheet 2017
Fact Sheet
Sydenham Lake - State of the Lake 2016
State of the Lake
Sydenham Lake Stewardship Plan
Stewardship Plan

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