November 3, 2019

Sydenham Lake association is an amazing group of volunteers that work to keep your lake system (Sydenham, Eel Bay, Little Long and Bullseye) the way you want it through Community Building, Environmental Stewardship and Member Advocacy. Over the past 10 years we have: 

  • Secured over 50K in funding and drafted our Lake Plan
  • Continually monitored our water quality
  • Engaged with other stakeholders, such as the Township and the Conservation Authority
  • Taken aerial photos of most properties on the lake (available to members)
  • Held annual social events
  • Mapped the lake, including depths


We are looking for anyone who is interested in helping out with:

  • Sub-committee to address the recommendations of our Lake Plan
  • Water testing
  • Social events
  • Guest speaker series (financial planning, cottage security, wildlife/birding…)
  • Any other new ideas

If you want to help out please contact: Mark Schjerning (

Lake Plan & Stewardship Plan

The documents are now posted and can be found on the Lake Plan & Studies page.